Welcome to Southern Tier Internetâ„¢

We offer high speed internet for Corning, Elmira and Horseheads.

No Throttling
No Nonsense
No Price Increases
Just Fast Internet

We are a “state of the art” high speed wireless internet service provider located in Elmira, NY.

Utilizing the latest technology you can now have a truly fast, efficient and secure high speed internet connection to your home or business in Elmira, Horseheads and Corning, NY.

Stream Internet Networks like , PLUTO TV, HULU, NETFLIX, AMAZON & APPLE TV with ease!


Cut The Cable – It’s Time!

Internet TV now carries the best of programming, Literally 100’s of the best channels available FOR FREE!

Let’s face it – cable is too expensive for what you get, start getting what you deserve now, from Southern Tier Internet!

  • Business Class 1

    $99.00 per month

    30 Mbps Download / 5 Mbps Upload

    Increase Productivity
    3X the Speed of TWC
    24/7 Support
    No Throttling
    Low Latency
  • Business Class 2

    $149.00 per month

    50 Mbps Download / 5 Mbps Upload

    Concurrent Users
    Emailing Large Files
    Video Conferencing
    Great for Small Companies
    $100 Less per month Than TWC
  • Enterprise Internet

    $249.00 per month

    100 Mbps Download / 10 Mbps Upload

    Up to 50 Concurrent Users
    Increased Productivity
    Video Conferencing
    Large File Sharing
    Graphic Heavy Content

What is Wireless Fiber

Wireless Fiber is a Gb fast internet fiber connection that originates from the backbone switch into our NOC (network operations center) in Downtown Elmira, NY. It is then routed up to a 5ghz backhaul antenna on top of our building,radio transmitting gigabit speeds across Elmira and Horseheads.

This technology is multiple times faster than the local cable provider – that relies on the old cable infrastructure which causes their signal to be highly degraded (slow internet) by the time it gets into your home

Get The Internet You Deserve – Southern Tier Internet!