Air Fiber to Business

Southern Tier Fiber Optic Internet is exactly what your business needs! With Internet services up to 10 gigabits per second, we can take your business or enterprise to the next level of internet speed and reliability. The Southern Tier network allows your business to more effectively communicate and increases efficiency for your remote and in-office employees. You’ll never again have the headache of a slow internet connection hindering your day to day operations.

The Southern Tier Internet Networks current footprint covers Corning, Elmira & Horseheads to deliver layer reliable fast internet services to all of your offices and facilities with complete transparency. We currently have direct 1gb – 10gb NNI (Network to Network Interfaces). We can do things that no other carrier will do!

Applications like multi-user video conferencing, voice over IP phones, and access to cloud-based applications can all happen simultaneously without latency or bandwidth issues. Off-site data backups that used to take entire days can now finish in a few seconds, providing peace of mind and data reliability.


In-Wall Wi-Fi Access Point
The UniFi® In-Wall Wi-Fi AP is ideal for retrofitting an existing, in-wall, wired Ethernet jack to a wireless access point

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