Southern Tier Internet uses UniFi™ Products for Zero Handoff Seamless Roaming technology.

Perfect for permanent or temporary indoor/outdoor hotspots.

Zero Handoff Roaming enables seamless roaming by wireless clients such as laptops, iPads, smartphones and other wireless devices.

Zero Handoff Roaming can work with any client and requires no special software, no drivers, and no interaction from the client device.

With Zero Handoff Roaming, multiple AP’s (access points) act as an AP cluster and appear as a single AP. A wireless client detects only one AP, so it seamlessly maintains its connection as it switches to the nearest AP. There is no need for the client to re-negotiate; instead, any negotiation is offloaded to the APs. They decide which AP should take over the live connection next.

Case Study: Hangout Music Festival

The deployment included the following:
20 UniFi AP-PRO Access Points
20 UniFi AP Outdoor Access Points
10 airRouterTM devices
2 airFiber devices
The UniFi 3.1 Controller software made it easy to deploy and manage multiple sites. Each site supported multiple groups; for example, the Stage 4 site supported its production crew, management team, and bands. Some groups had festival-wide Wi-Fi; any band member could roam across the entire festival and still use the same artist Wi-Fi network.

UniFi products supported multiple wireless networks over large areas. airFiber was used as a backhaul link to send traffic from the festival site to the closest fiber ring. Installation of the airFiber connection took only 20 minutes.

The UniFi network reliably delivered fast Wi-Fi coverage to support the festival’s network activities, which ranged from VoIP to credit card transactions to mapping software:
8-10 Mbps, synchronous performance for each group on the network
2-3 Mbps to each user